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Another game of VOODOO is here! was created and released by VOODOO.... is a io game based on... is one of browser-based tank shooter..., which exploded like a bomb last year and is very popular among the players, has now transformed into a new and different version, So what is, how to play?

What is

In fact the content is very simple and easy. The snake is a different version of the game and the small snakes can eat the big snakes can eat different types of snake game. To join the game, you must first enter a nick name after logging in to If you wish you can determine your snake model in the window on the left, then the game begins.

How to Play

In the first place you are trying to grow by eating colored small icons everywhere. After moving a bit, you may need to go to the middle of the map and tie up the big snakes. If the mouth of your own snake touches any other part of the serpent, you are burning and starting from the beginning.

We said that little snakes ate big snakes. To do this, you have to make sure that the big snakes hit you anywhere. After bumping, all the icons of the big snake are falling apart and when you collect you become a huge snake.

The champion is determined by looking at the scoreboard on the right side of the screen. Obviously I played close to 10 minutes and did not call me I can say that it is a fun and worth trying game.

In, you can use the Up Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow and your mouse as the game controls. While you can go at full speed by pressing the Up Arrow, you can turn left and right by pressing the Left and Right Arrows. Also, you can control the movements of your snake by moving your mouse. You can make your snake curl on itself by moving your mouse in a circular motion whereas you can accelerate the speed of your snake by holding the left mouse button.

What is the point ?

If you wish to play the game on the web, iOS and Android platforms can play. The goal is to enter the top 10 list on the right hand corner of the screen, bringing your snake to the greatest point. You can also follow your general ranking here.

Have Skins

You can personalize your snake in as in every game. In order to do this, it is enough to share your scores on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. gives you a special snake skin alternative called “Slither Skin”, which is the length (point) you reach after sharing.

These skins in the United States, Turkey, Israel, France and so it’s like snake skin, consisting of flags of countries. skin in the game to show your friends and opponents nice opportunity to say.

I will share a gameplay video about this weekend with Would definitely recommend trying. You don’t have to do anything about server. You can access it directly after connecting to the site. that was developed by Steve Howse is the most famous io game on the web. This game is available for Android, iOS and web browsers. In this io game, you will control a snake. By controlling this snake, you will make it eat light orbs from the ground. While eating the light orbs, your snake will grow in size. In order to be winner of this game, your snake should be the longest snake in the server!

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