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Another game of VOODOO is here! is a io game based on... is one of browser-based tank shooter... is a hit online browser game with a colorful 2D environments. In this game, you will control an animal in order to make it eat mushrooms, berries and even other animals. By feed it, you will make it grow. Aside from feeding, you will also make it drink water to survive. However, you should be very careful about the established food chain! While you try to eat smaller animals than you, you should avoid bigger animals than you not to be eaten by them.

You can start the game as a mouse, shrimp or chipmunk. As you eat somethings, you will gain XP, and you will evolve into a different creatures with this XP. All creatures in the game have special abilities. As we need to give examples about that, pigs can slide in mud, dragons can fly, penguins can slip on ice and lions can roar.

How To Play

In, you should use only your mouse for the gameplay. In order to move your animal, you should move your mouse.

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