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ZOMBS.io is a io game based on both Minecraft style and Zombie tower defense. In this zombie io game, first of all, you need to build your base, and then, you need to defend this base against waves of zombies. As you progress, you should definitely upgrade your base in order to make it stronger. Because every wave becomes stronger and stronger, so you should prepare yourself for that. Let’s show how many nights you can survive!

How To Play ZOMBS.io

In ZOMBS.io, you can use the B, I, O, Esc, E, T, F, Shift, Alt, Q, P, space bar, 0 to 9 number keys, Arrow keys and your mouse as the game controls. The Arrow keys are for the movements whereas the left mouse button or space bar is for attacking, gathering or building. Besides that, you can use the Esc or right mouse button to unselect while you can use the E key for quick upgrade.

Also, you can use the T key for quick sell, and you can use the F key for quick heal. The 0 to 9 number keys are selecting keys. The Q key lets you cycle weapons and the P key is for party menu. Moreover, as you can upgrade all by holding the Alt or Shift key, you can chat with others by using Tab and Enter. Finally, you can use the O, I or B keys for shop menu.

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