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Tanksmith is a multiplayer tank battle game with a variety of upgradable tank and attachments. In this game that was developed by io Ninja, you will control a tank. During the game, you customize this tank and you try to destroy as many other tanks as possible in this online arena.

At the beginning of the game, you will have a very basic tank. However, as you progress throughout the levels, you will be able to customize this tank by adding different weapons and turrets.

How To Play Tanksmith

The game controls are the W, D, S, A keys and left mouse button in Tanksmith. You can use the W, D, S and A keys as the movement controls, so the W is for moving up whereas the S is for moving down. Moreover, the A is for moving left and the D is for moving right. Finally, the left mouse button allows you to shoot your main turret.

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