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TanksIO.online is one of io games with a fun battle arena style. The main concept of this io game is to driving around as a tank and taking out enemies. This game is best know with its 3D graphics and top down view of game map.

Furthermore, the game offers two game playing options that are the free for all and team play. If you select team play, you should team up with a second player in order to take on other six players in the game arena.

How To Play TanksIO.online

In TanksIO.online, you should use both your mouse and keyboard for gameplay. Keyboard controls are the Arrow keys or W, D, S, A keys. By using these keys, you can drive your tank around the game environment. Besides that, you should move your mouse to move your turret. If you want to fire upon enemy tanks, you should click the left mouse button. Also, you should hold down the left mouse button for non stop firing.

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