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Another game of VOODOO is here! is a io game based on... is one of browser-based tank shooter... is a multiplayer team battle game based on World War 2 with four soldier class options and two side options that are Allied and Axis forces. In this battle game, you can choose the country that you want to fight for. And, then, you can join the fight as one of four different soldier classes. This means that you can also choose the soldier class that suit your play style.

In, your missin is to win the war by performing well as a team. Remember without your team’s members, you will lose the game no matter how well you play. Therefore, you should focus on team work.

How To Play

The game controls are the E, G, Shift, 1 to 3 number keys, A, W, D, S, Arrow keys and your mouse. Arrow keys or the A, W, D, S keys are for moving your character whereas the E key or Shift is for entering a vehicle. Moreover, you can throw a grenade by using the G key, and you can shoot with left mouse button. Also, you can use the sniper scope by clicking the right mouse button. Finally, you can switch weapons by using the 1 to 3 number keys.

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