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funblocked is a .io game based on generally collecting resources and using these resources in order to build a village in your own way. This means that your mission in is to level up by by gathering resources and building the village.

How To Play

The game controls are the Enter, Esc, space bar, X, E, C, R, Q, S, A, W, D and 1 to 9 number keys. As the S, A, W and D keys are the movement controls, the space bar is attack and gathering key. Besides that, the E key lets you perform auto attack whereas the 1 to 9 number keys allow you to select an item.

Moreover, you can use the X key to lock rotation, and you can press the R key to ping minimal. If you want to add map marker, you can use the C key. Also, you can chat with other players with the Enter key. Finally, you can use the Esc for closing windows.

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