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GeoArena Online is a fun battle game with space theme. The game offers small 1v1 and 2v2 battles in the space. In order to start one of this battle, you should choose a base ship, a special ability skill and two weapons. After that, you will be matched with someone at a similar skill level. As you can see you will control a hip in this io game, and your mission is to be last standing one in the battles by avoiding asteroid and other ships’ attacks.

How To Play GeoArena Online

In GeoArena Online, you can use the Shift, space bar, W, D, S, A keys and your mouse as the game controls. You can move your ship around by using the W, D, S, A keys while you can aim and shoot by moving your mouse and clicking the left mouse button. Also, you can use your equipped ability by pressing the space bar, and you can switch between weapons by using the Shift key.

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