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Diep.io is one of browser-based tank shooter io games. Like all other tank shooter io games, you will also control a tank in this game. Besides that, your mission is to shoot down both obstacles and your opponents. Although the game has the same gameplay features with many classic tank games, it has quite unique and complex upgrade mechanics and multiple game modes.

After you start the game, you will play the game as a blue circle that is your tank. This blue circle has a grey turret. By using your turret, you need to shoot other colored circles.

How To Play Diep.io

In Diep.io, you can use the Tab, E, space bar, C, Arrow keys and your mouse as the game controls. You can switch the game modes by pressing the Tab key whereas you can move around the gird by using the Arrow keys. Also, you can use the C key for toggling auto spin, and you can use the E key for toggling auto fire. If you want to shoot your target, you can use either the space bar or the left mouse button.

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