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DatTank is an online multiplayer war action game with some peculiarities such as neutral tanks, teams and hostile tanks. In this awesome tank shooter battle game, player from all around the world are divided into four colors, and they try to shoot down each others depending to the goal to climb higher on the leaderboard by increasing their scores.

During the game, you will face with neutral tanks. These tanks do not carry any of four main teams’ colors, and they do not move. The aim of these tanks is to kill colored tanks. However, there is no need to worry about these tanks because you can conquer them. In order to conquer these tanks, you should hit them many times straightly. Then, you will see they are painted into your color.

How To Play DatTank

In DatTank, you can use the W, D, S, A keys and your mouse as the game controls. While you can click the left mouse button to shoot other tanks, you can use the W, D, S, A keys to move your tanks around the game environment.

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