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Another game of VOODOO is here! is a io game based on... is one of browser-based tank shooter... is a multi-player physics game with up to eight players at a time. Push your opponents to the edge of the shape on the map, the last man standing last wins the game! Team-based matches with your friends or anywhere in the world until the last man is up to the war., a strategy game that requires raw skill, position yourself carefully and escape from a collision can be as effective as bumping your enemies!

Anyone in the game can change your own avatar or redesign it to your own design. There is a membership system in the game, so players who wish to become members can create their own lists of friends, compare points and interact better with their friends. How to play?

Use the arrow keys to move around and hold down the X key to make yourself heavy. When you’re heavy, you’ll have a lot more momentum, so you shoot more enemies and the others are harder to push. But you’ll also have less maneuverability!

Use the in-game editor to easily create your own maps and then play on these maps! Play on hundreds of private maps created by the community and upload your own so that others can play. Use the fast play feature to quickly enter a game or create custom games and set it as you like. Strategy is constantly being updated with new features and improvements, so check back often! And most importantly – have fun! is one of dozens of popular .io games and is a very good but also multiplayer battle game.

Customize your character (circle) at any time, and battle up to eight people on one of the customized maps of hundreds of different players. Stay alive in an ever-changing environment, or push the opposing players out of the screen to stand up! Facilities are endless!

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